Angels of Darkness

Throughout human history sacred writings and folk wisdom has told the stories of dark entities who feed on those who are constrained by conscience. We have known these presences among us as demons and devils. Sometimes they appear to have invaded the body and mind of an individual who was once normal. Sometimes a child appears to be born incapable of loving, normal relationships.

At the beginning of the 20th Century the terms Psychopath and Sociopath came into usage, this accounting for the lack of conscience and empathy. Today, the rapidly increasing understanding of neurobiology has identified the places in the brain which are not functioning, causing a lack of conscience and empathy.

The presumption has been that the condition might, therefore, be treatable, if not today then eventually. We await definite information on this point. To the questions to which neuroscientists are now seeking answers this one should be added, especially since the disordered, Dark Angels, know very early they view those around them as prey.  

Is the person's spiritual nature, that of a dark angel or demon, modifying the DNA or function of the body they are occupying? The ability of DNA to be turned on, or off, by the mind was documented by Norman Doidge, M.D., in his book, published 2007 by Penguin Books, “The Brain that Changes Itself.”

What if the disordered alter their brains to enable the behavior which they have spiritually chosen?  We believe these individuals choose to act without conscience and have it in their power to change if their course stops working for them.  


PsiVampires came into focus through the mythological beings who gain eternal life through stolen blood. Hemaglobin is toxic. But the highly romanticized presentation of these supposed entities holds a fascination which suggests a basis in fact, long existing, but not understood, within the experience of humanity.

Today Western science acknowledges the human body is controlled by energy. Eastern medicine has long since known this and used the movement and modification of the body's energy to restore health.

Therefore, basing life on the theft of energy created by others, comes into sharp relief as understandable. While the ability to use energy for the benefit of others through healing is also accepted by Christianity and other religious faiths. But to steal, and kill for ones own benefit is the act of one without conscience, a psychopath. 

For wrong acts, there must be consequences which provide correction.  Today, thanks to Neuroscience, the understanding of disordered minds is expanding rapidly and we anticipate that it will soon be possible to identify the behavior and provide justice to those harmed.  

This advance in technology will hold true both for ordinary psychopathy and for PsiVampirism, both of these being examples of demonic entities, or Dark Angels.  

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