Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dark Angels as Psychopathic Predators


When the word above is processed in our brains the tendency is to flash on the image of one of the many types of animals who inhabit our world with us. Lions, tigers, polar bears, wolves, coyotes, the list is seemingly endless. Each of these species has, in the past, threatened the lives of our distant ancestors and has, on occasion, threatened some small number of us today.  

This is an entirely natural aspect of their nature. As living creatures, they are driven to eat to survive and bring forth young in their turn. They adopt no face. They do not manipulate us asking for trust while their intention is to feed. 

But the presence of predators, just out of sight but hideously frightening, has persisted in human culture.  Where there is fear we create iconic representations of what terrorizes us.  This is obvious when you look at a list of popular movies or best selling books.  We are looking for understanding where nothing is yet clear about the source of our fear.   

This is now happening as the neurological reality of psychopathy is emerging from the neurosciences.   Now, we know these individuals have no empathy and no conscience but live among us, preying on us through our trust and love.  No external reality could touch the intensity of this as a threat. 

They are hidden in plain sight.   

Psychopaths adopt a 'face' which in some ways is very similar to the strategy used by one of these animals, looking for vulnerability or a moment of distraction so they can pounce. But deception is essential to their success.

FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin – Psychopathy
                                                         Psychopathy - An Important Forensic Concept for the 21st                                                            Century
                                                         The Corporate Psychopath

No one blames animals. Our species understands their nature and through experience spanning eons knows other species which hunt are not to be trusted. Their images bring forth reactions which protect us from harm.

But these predators among us have been present for aeons. Stories have been passed down to us of devils, demons, frightening entities who feed on us, but most people today do not believe these exist. The age of science created a barrier, these predators seen as ancient superstition, cutting us off from the previous understanding of these predators who still live among us.

What was lost to us by the displacement of observation translated through the filter of theology is, today, restored to us by advances in neuroscience which has identified these entities by modern names.

The adversarial relationship between the world of the spirit, our connection to God, and the world of science, is an illusion, a paradigm of limitation which kept us from seeing the depths and richness to which awaits us.

Today we can understand the predators of our past as psychopaths, sociopaths, disordered individuals and, a subcategory arising from the same cause, Psi-Vampires.

Unlike the predators whose images come automatically to mind, these entities and individuals hide behind human faces. Even more frightening, these could be the faces of our parents, our children, and others we love and trust.

For these individuals we are domesticated animals, waiting contentedly in the pasture until it suits the predator's plans for us to be milked or butchered. Trust reduces the cost of containment and continued access for the 'Dark Angel.' 

Successful psychopaths become skilled at deceit, playing out what we want to believe. Comments by 'Dark Angels' indicate these skills are a matter of pride to them, bringing a strong sense of power.

The Fall from Heaven comes down to us as the rebellion of Lucifer, the greatest of the Angels, against God. Taking 1/3 of the angels with him Lucifer descended to Hell and began a battle for the minds of the people of God on Earth.

The echo of an end to this conflict comes to us as the End Times.

In the End Times, the legends said, our eyes would be opened. We would see and understand.

We are now firmly launched into this age of changed awareness and heightened understanding. It will be rapid, but not instantaneous. We will be called to break out of the illusions which have confined us and see the world differently.

Our nature calls us to be in community with each other to fulfill the last commandment Jesus gave, “Love one another.”

Christ came to provide the road map which leads us to a recognized unity with God and each other.

Understanding the nature of those who have preyed on us for these uncounted generations is one of the steps which we must take on that path. They, too, face the consequences of the End Times.

With Lucifer, the Dark Angel, they turned their faces away from God, denying their relationship with the spiritual source of consciousness and life. They hungered for power and were greedy for what they could steal from us, who were unaware of their real natures.

As we face choices, so do they.

We are feeling the call to open ourselves up to God and love one another as brothers and sisters. Their challenge is more complex. First, they must face the ugliness of their existences and turn their faces back to the spiritual source which we call God. It is in their power to change, but only by their own choice.

God is infinitely patient, but each wrong choice moves Dark Angels further into the darkness of a death which holds no possibility of continuing. As we recognize these individuals among us we can hasten them on their path by making it impossible for their wrong choices to continue. 

We must also do this to protect the vulnerable among us.   

We can enforce the logic of their train of choice by withdrawing from them the power to harm us through transparency and asserting accountability through our courts and other human means.  

Legends of the Fall provides the information you need to free yourself from the threat presented by those of many names who have preyed on us for so long. A book is now underway. But on Legends of the Fall information will also become available.

Understanding 'Dark Angels' is the first step. We are now analyzing the strategies used against us in detail to make these accessible. As we are each different, so are they. 

Additionally, they live within the confines of their own culture. There, they have congress with others of their kind. They compare notes, cooperate, and identify and refine strategies which work to perpetuate their control.

If you doubt this look at the strategy followed by the individuals who control major corporations, for instance the Koch Brothers. Look at their subcontractors for control, the NeoCons, and others like them.

They are few in absolute terms, but they have gone far toward destroying our world, illustrating their complete lack of conscience and calloused unconcern for everyone but themselves. In their eyes we are domesticated animals, and have no rights.

We will begin with one of their minor subcontractors, Rayelan Allen, AKA Darlene Rae Smith, who runs Rumor Mill News (RMN), a disinformation site intended to keep us unsure and move the nexus of power away from individuals to unseen 'others.' 

The FACE Strategy of Rayelan Allen (AKA) Darlene Rae Smith  

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Letter from La Ermita - The Hermitage


Looks like you really did a lot of research. I was not aware of the passages from the Old Testament. But it all fits well into what the Christian Churches today are still teaching, both about Lucifer, the dark angels and our Beloved Heavenly Father.

I noticed that you did insert something that is not taught, namely, that free will once given is never taken away. So with that you have added something that is not accepted along side of the passages that you mentioned.

But having inserted it, you could at the end say that this has been the teaching from the beginning, but that there has to be a slightly different interpretation of the events since we know our Heavenly Father God to be One who is nothing but Infinite Unconditional Love, total Compassion. That being so, He is incapable of being so angry and upset over man’s disobedience. Those are characteristics of our human way of life where we live more with conditional love.

As a result, the events can be seen differently, namely, that Lucifer and all his friends were convinced that our Heavenly Father also loved conditionally and they felt that they had to prove it one way or the other. We will also note that such an attitude also exists in us human beings. Children and adults are constantly doing things to prove that they are loved by the other. Once it is proved, then they return, very humbly of course.

We human beings chose to come to this earth for a different reason. We came here so that we could have the opportunity to grow faster in unconditional love. When one has to work hard to accomplish something then it is of real value. Living in heaven did not present us with that opportunity because we were constantly in the visible presence of our God’s unconditional love. We needed to withdraw from that visible presence of unconditional love and then struggle to uncover it, making it visible again, but this time here on earth. In that struggle, we find ourselves accomplishing it in various degrees, and some of us miss the boat completely. It’s the karma idea. But no matter how we end in this life, every choice that we make is a choice make for our “good.” We are not capable of choosing evil for evil’s sake. But since we are living in an atmosphere where unconditional love is covered, we are present to conditional love. It’s the “love” in “conditional love” that we choose, but our ego and negative passions blind us to the “conditional” part of it, and it is here that the negative consequences are played out. Every choice has its consequences, positive or negative.

So, hell does exist. It exists here and in the after life, but it exists only as long as we continue to choose the “conditional” part of love” instead of the unconditional part of love. That which changes it all for us immediately is “forgiveness.” Forgiving one’s self and others for the harm and hurt that we chose because we were thinking that it was true “love.” Forgiveness from the heart lets the heart jump leaps and bounds in unconditional love. And that’s precisely what we wanted all along! So, the negative choices and the negative temptations from the dark angels are very beneficial for us. They present us with the opportunities to grow leaps and bounds in unconditional love.

May the blessings of rising to this new life of feeling the visible unconditional love of Jesus be with you on this great day of His Resurrection!

La Ermita – The Hermitage

Insights on Dark Angels, the Disordered, among us

Theorizing on how things unseen function can give rise to error but, over time, information from dozens of sites documenting some aspect of the impact of Dark Angels, the Disordered, have build a reservoir of insights.  Along with this, our group includes many individuals with direct information resulting from experience. 

We remain open to new information and are constantly researching the history and present day reality of these entities as we search for solutions allowing individuals to be secure in their lives and able to trust openly as we think God intended. At the same time we look for more ways for the Disordered, this including Dark Angels, demons, psychopaths, sociopaths and vampires of all descriptions, to find a path which allows them to live justly with others. We believe this necessitates a return to God.

Dark Angels - one of the many angelic entities who followed Lucifer to Earth after their rebellion against God failed. These are also known as demons, disembodied spirits which infest the minds and lives of ordinary individuals when the opportunity arises.

These entities have the ability to directly access energy and may nourish themselves by stealing energy from ordinary people even to the point of killing them. Today we call these entities PsiVampires or PsiCannibals.

How this happens gives rise to theories and confusion.

Where once people saw demons now they recognize the same characteristics as psychopathic, as observed in psychopaths and sociopaths. These characteristics include the lack of conscience, empathy, and caring. These individuals show a calloused unconcern for others. Key Features of Psychopathy as identifed by Dr. Robert Hare.

All serial killers are believed by competent authorities to be psychopaths but this is believed to be a small percentage of the number of individuals who can correctly be identified as psychopathic.

While there are many support sites for the Vampire community there is little, or nothing, to be found for psychopaths and sociopaths. The number of psychopaths in the population is about one in one hundred, a daunting population itself.

We are continuing to research this.

Websites of the Vampire Community
A google search for the terms, vampire community websites, yielded 6,500,000 results. The sites below were on the first and second pages. From the number of pages and the common themes of content, which are diverse in voice and presentation, it appears there is an existing community of individuals who are vampires. The sites also included instructions for such practices as stealing energy from the unwitting, though they referred to this as 'harvesting' or 'feeding.'

This quote is from one of the websites listed below.
from Anonymous Contributor
I have rescently awakened, and I have spent a great deal of time at this site, and other sites related to psy vampires. But, I have never seen a list of feeding ethics; in other words, a few simple ways to prevent draining one person too much, or draining the wrong people.
1. Never drain the elderly. These people, although containing positive energy, especially after family visits, need what they can get.
2. Never feed from young children. Although full of energy, they can get cranky enough as it is; no point in putting the parent in more of a turmoil trying to deal with an over-drained child.
3. Feed at public places. Although you might have to deal with a lot of people, you can feed from several different people just taking a little from each one, and never getting too much positive or negative energy.
4. Never completely feed off of one person. Try to make it at least two.
5. If you can do it, feed from nature when you can't get to people. The life force in nature is strong, although it doesn't last as long as energy from humans; there is a lot of it, and it is usually easily accessible.
By following these guidelines, it will be easier not only to stay concealed, but also to avoid causing great harm to others.”
Despite the expressed concern there is no sign on any of the sites of an effort to police their own or inform the public of the hazards presented by the least ethical among their numbers.

Vampire Sites

This site denies Energy Vampires are real vampires, commenting that anyone can learn to draw energy from someone else.
The site provides questions to be answered which it maintains reveal if you are a 'real vampire.'

This site has a FAQ page which answers questions, also sending the reader on to ask members of their community. - for Real Vampires
Statements of Purpose
Good Vampires Do

Claims to be the ultimate resource site

A Vampire dating site

From: Federal Bureau of Investigation
The Corporate Psychopath - By Paul Babiak, Ph.D., and Mary Ellen O’Toole, Ph.D.

Discussion by individuals who identify themselves as psychopaths