Transparency and accountability are necessary if Dark Angels are to change their present course and turn return to God and conscience.  

From the viewpoint of humanity it is essential the disordered, Dark Angels which we understand as psychopaths, sociopaths, and PsyVampires, be exposed for their behavior and held accountable.  

The technologies now available through advances in technology can provide the means to document these behaviors in many instances.  These technologies should become routinely used by our court system and restitution exacted from the guilty.   Dark Angels are completely aware of what they are doing.  

These modifications and additions to our legal and cultural infrastructures will provide transparency so the behaviors chosen by Dark Angels cease being profitable to them.  When this happens they will see the efficacy of changing their choices and returning to God.  

There is help available to them in accomplishing this through La Ermita, a church which has taken up the work of returning Dark Angels to their true relationship with God. 

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