Light Action

Angels of the Light are agents of God.  They  live within the confines of conscience, recognizing their relationship with God and with each other, assisting God in whatever way they are instructed.  

These beings exist celestially and in flesh, depending on what work they are doing.  That is about as much as we know for sure about those who proved their loyalty to God.  

Dark Angels are a different matter entirely and dealing with them has been one of the challenges humanity faces, never more so than now.  

Taking corrective action when confronted with Dark Angels, psychopaths, demons, and psivampires, requires transparency and accountability.  Accountability could take place within our system of courts at some point, but now it is unlikely such a law suit would be taken seriously.  Instead, we need to document their behavior and call them on it using transparency.


Deceptive behavior, lying, cheating, stealing, and other behavior which violates the conscience, must be made public for the protection of others and to begin the process of awakening the disordered, Dark Angels, to the wrongness of their choices.

Since direct confrontation with the disordered can be dangerous we suggest this take place on line, using a website like the ones below.  Each listing also includes a page on this site with a description of the MO we have documented as being used by the individual Dark Angel.  

Here is a list of examples for websites which provide transparency in the case of Dark Angels, providing warning to those who unwittingly may become additional victims, and increasing the motivation on the part of Dark Angels to return to God.  

More are now under construction.  

     Craig Franklin is a  sexual predator who has understood he lacks a conscience since he was a child.  Highly intelligent, he uses his gifts to deceive and trap women and girls in ugly situations.  His manipulations have destroyed lives.  See description of MO.

    Alexander, the 13th Duke of Manchester, is highly disordered, a conman who uses a title of honor to fleece others.   See description of MO.

   Rayelan Allan, AKA Raye Smith, Darlene Rae Smith, among other pseudonyms,  is both a Dark Angel, Psychopath and a PsiVampire.  It is likely a natural bent in this direction was augmented by training by the CIA.

Cease and Desist Letter 

   Morgan Gell is the daughter of Richard Lee Barteaux, also disordered, a Dark Angel.  
See description of MO.  

   The Koch Brothers have been discovered to train their employees to lie, cheat and steal to augment the company profits.  These behaviors are carried out without conscience in a business which routinely externalizes the cost of doing business to others.   See Description of MO.

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