Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Letter from La Ermita - The Hermitage


Looks like you really did a lot of research. I was not aware of the passages from the Old Testament. But it all fits well into what the Christian Churches today are still teaching, both about Lucifer, the dark angels and our Beloved Heavenly Father.

I noticed that you did insert something that is not taught, namely, that free will once given is never taken away. So with that you have added something that is not accepted along side of the passages that you mentioned.

But having inserted it, you could at the end say that this has been the teaching from the beginning, but that there has to be a slightly different interpretation of the events since we know our Heavenly Father God to be One who is nothing but Infinite Unconditional Love, total Compassion. That being so, He is incapable of being so angry and upset over man’s disobedience. Those are characteristics of our human way of life where we live more with conditional love.

As a result, the events can be seen differently, namely, that Lucifer and all his friends were convinced that our Heavenly Father also loved conditionally and they felt that they had to prove it one way or the other. We will also note that such an attitude also exists in us human beings. Children and adults are constantly doing things to prove that they are loved by the other. Once it is proved, then they return, very humbly of course.

We human beings chose to come to this earth for a different reason. We came here so that we could have the opportunity to grow faster in unconditional love. When one has to work hard to accomplish something then it is of real value. Living in heaven did not present us with that opportunity because we were constantly in the visible presence of our God’s unconditional love. We needed to withdraw from that visible presence of unconditional love and then struggle to uncover it, making it visible again, but this time here on earth. In that struggle, we find ourselves accomplishing it in various degrees, and some of us miss the boat completely. It’s the karma idea. But no matter how we end in this life, every choice that we make is a choice make for our “good.” We are not capable of choosing evil for evil’s sake. But since we are living in an atmosphere where unconditional love is covered, we are present to conditional love. It’s the “love” in “conditional love” that we choose, but our ego and negative passions blind us to the “conditional” part of it, and it is here that the negative consequences are played out. Every choice has its consequences, positive or negative.

So, hell does exist. It exists here and in the after life, but it exists only as long as we continue to choose the “conditional” part of love” instead of the unconditional part of love. That which changes it all for us immediately is “forgiveness.” Forgiving one’s self and others for the harm and hurt that we chose because we were thinking that it was true “love.” Forgiveness from the heart lets the heart jump leaps and bounds in unconditional love. And that’s precisely what we wanted all along! So, the negative choices and the negative temptations from the dark angels are very beneficial for us. They present us with the opportunities to grow leaps and bounds in unconditional love.

May the blessings of rising to this new life of feeling the visible unconditional love of Jesus be with you on this great day of His Resurrection!

La Ermita – The Hermitage

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